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About Our Products

About Our Products

 Maimin Technology Group, Inc., founded in 1890, is a leading manufacturer of cloth cutting machines, supplies and equipment used in many industries and applications worldwide. The company has earned a reputation for the highest quality products and service, and is proud to manufacture in the U.S.A. 


About Our Products

About Our Products

About Our Products

 Maimin continues to be an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric and pneumatic cutting machines and accessories for professional users worldwide.  Maimin has recently added several fully automated cutting, spreading and roll handling  machines to our product line.  In addition, we are proud to offer Sheffield Strip Cutters.


Where to Buy

About Our Products

Where to Buy

 We are always happy to serve our customers direct from the factory and on this site for retail sales, replacement parts, and supplies.  We also provide repairs and technical services for all of our products direct from the factory.  Maimin also sells its cutting equipment and accessories worldwide through full-line distributors, specialty suppliers, cutting room catalog companies and web-based retail firms   

New Product Showcase


Variable Speed Round Knife

 Maimin Technology has introduced a line of large variable speed round knives.  Available in four models, this line of cutters provides your cutting room with the flexibility only previously available in straight knives.  The following models and speeds are currently available:

Model 59 Varispeed (5.25") 300-1,600 rpm

Model 59 Varispeed Cyclone (5.25") 0-300 rpm

Model 87 Varispeed (7") 300-1,600 rpm

Model 87 Varispeed Cyclone (7") 0-300 rpm


Straight Knife End Cutter

 Maimin Technology is the only manufacturer to offer a straight knife variable speed end cutter.  Also featuring a touch screen operator interface, variable speed motor control and linear ball bearing track system, the M-205 Straight Knife is perfect for exact cuts on taller lays of material and items such as cushions. The M-205 Straight Knife can also be manufactured for any length cutting track (7 foot featured in the video below).  The M-205 Straight Knife can utilize and size machine up to 14 inches and is perfect for end cutting tall lays of fabrics, pillows, cushions, mattress material and batting. 

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