Maimin Cyclone round knife machines are available in 7" (Model 87 Cyclone) and 5.25" (Model 59 Cyclone) sizes.  Maimin round knife cutting machines are 100% US Made, using today’s most advanced components and the latest manufacturing techniques.  The Maimin Cyclone is our most powerful and durable machine.  This machine has been engineered to cut the toughest, hardest and densest materials with ease.  

The Model 59 Cyclone pictured here shows the optional lubricating system and optional slitter standard.  These options are available on any round knife machine.


Blade Wiper / Lubricator: The blade wiper / lubricator continuously releases a thin film of lubrication onto the blade to prevent burning, fusing or build-up of material when cutting synthetics or other industrial fabrics.

Blade Scraper: Helps regid and dense material pass the gap between the blade and standard or slitter support.

Lucite Blade Guard: A blade guard that protects the front and side of the blade.  The front lucite portion is adjustable for different lay heights.


7" Model 87 Cyclone - $4,999.00

5.25" Model 59 Cyclone - $4,299.00

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