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Maimin Technology has recently introduced a new end cutter clamp used to secure material in place while cutting and to prevent backing of the material towards the roll after cutting.  The clamp is available on all semi-automatic and fully-automatic L and M series end cutters.  It is triggered automatically during the cutting process and releases manually when triggered by the operator.

The material clamp engages when the operator presses the start button on the control box (or remote start control if installed).  The clamp remains engaged until the operator presses the "open" button located on either side of the control box.

The control box (made in the USA) features the highest quality electronics utilizing a PLC (programmable logic controller) and a touch screen operator interface.  

End Cutter Clamp up to 85" table - $1,695.00

End Cutter Clamp 86" to 144" table - $1,995.00

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