K-105 End Cutter


This fast, simple, money-saving system eliminates end waste and allows one person to do the work of two - a 50% reduction in labor costs!  An end-rail holds the fabric, allowing the operator to quickly and accurately cut the fabric along the cutting rail at the other end of the lay.  Each ply receives a right angle cut at the same length, and the system is adjustable to any length of lay.  Long-handled cutter has a round blade and a counter cutting blade, a built-in sharpener and a ply counter.

Blade size: 4" / 10cm
Capacity: 3/4" / 2cm
Available Power: 110v/220v

K-105 End Cutter for table widths less than 86" wide - $1,999.00

K-105 End Cutter for table widths from 86" to 179" wide - $2,699.00

K-105 Operation

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