Model 59



With the industry standard 5.25" blade, the Model 59 has the industry's best power-to-weight ratio.  This model will easily cut moderate to heavy material.  Also available in the high torque Model 59 Cyclone for even the toughest materials.



Slitter Option: By removing the lower portion of the standard, and replacing it with a steel support behind the blade, the slitter allows easy cutting of hard or semi-rigid materials like carpeting, fiberglass, rubber or plastics.

Blade Wiper / Lubricator: The blade wiper / lubricator continuously releases a thin film of lubrication onto the blade to prevent burning, fusing or build-up of material when cutting synthetics or other industrial fabrics.

Blade Scraper: Helps regid and dense material pass the gap between the blade and standard or slitter support.

Lucite Blade Guard: A blade guard that protects the front and side of the blade.  The front lucite portion is adjustable for different lay heights.


5.25" Model 59 - $1,699.00

5.25" Model 59 Slitter Standard - $1,999.00

5.25" Model 59 Cyclone - $4,299.00

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