Maimin Technology manufactures a full line of roll feeder and handling systems, power feed cradles, A-frames and multi-tier roll racks.  With our extensive selection of roll handling equipment, we can offer the perfect solution to fit any application or budget. 

With technology similar to our power feed cradles,the vertical and horizontal roll feeders incorporate a dual laser edge guide tracking system.  This new configuration is accurate to within a 1/16th of an inch.  The edge guide system length of travel can be manufactured from three to twelve inches to accurately and efficiently feed even the worst telescoping rolls. 

Maimin roll feeders are available in configurations from a single roll to up to eight rolls at a time (the three roll feeder is pictured above).  The roll feeders are available with optional edge guide and power feed.  For multiple roll feeder applications, the feeders can be manufactured to easily slide in and out for ease of loading new rolls.

Maimin roll feeder systems are ideal for feeding both single-ply and multi-ply cutting systems where edge guiding is a must.  Our roll feeder will keep every layer of the material placed perfectly over the next and on target for your cutter.


Heavy Duty One Roll Core Feeder

Our single roll core feed system can accommodate rolls up to 4,000 pounds with a diameter of up to 60 inches or more.  The system will feed on demand using a dancer system to detect demand.  It will accurately edge guide even the poorest rolled rolls.  Multiple units can be stacked back to back for multiple roll feeding.

Precisely Feed Equipment


Our roll feeders will feed any equipment including CAD/Cam Plotters, spreaders, die cutters, clickers and countless other manufacturing and custom equipment.

Accurately Edge Guide


The advanced edge guide system will keep your edge accurately placed on even the poorest rolled (telescoped) materials.

Feed on Demand


The dancer system allows communication free feeding on demand.  The dancer can also be set to provide tesion or operate nearly tension free.


Five Rroll feeder


Four roll feeder


Two roll feeder

Roll Feeder Videos

Five Roll Feder

Three Roll Feeder

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