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Maimin manufactures custom and semi-custom racks,  storage roll racks, roll holders and rolling racks for countless uses in manufacturing,  storage and clean room applications.  Racks are designed and built out  of aircraft grade aluminum extrusion or painted steel weldment.  Rack  sizes, widths, heights and capacity are determined according to the  customer needs.  Below are a few examples of the design possibilities,  however, virtually any storage rack solution can be offered.  Racks are  custom manufactured and need not be for rolls of goods.  Racks can be  designed and manufactured to hold flat goods, steel, tubing, specialty  goods and countless other applications. 


  • One to twelve rolls
  • Table guides to provide level unrolling of any roll
  • One way rollers to prevent backroll or relaxing of fabric
  • Centering cones
  • Crank handles for rewinding rolls
  • Scrap rewind for removing backings
  • Integrated tables
  • Integrated cutters


Pricing depends on a number of variables  and options such as number of rolls, roll widths and weights, and optional accessories.  Basic options and pricing configurations are available in our online store (link just below).

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Optional Centering Cones


Centering cones fit into and secure the roll cores allowing for easy turning and roll off of the fabric.

Optional One way roller


One way rollers prevent back roll and relaxing of the fabric.  Will not allow fabric to fall off the table after being cut.

Optional Integrated Table


Tables can be integrated into the rack for countless manufacturing applications.  Table tops can be made from wood, melamine, steel or aluminum.

Optional Crank Handle


Handles can be fitted into the end of the tubes and are quickly removable using a quick release pin.

Optional Integrated Cutter


We can add a manual or automatic end cutter to quickly and accurately cat any fabric on the roll feeder.  

Optional Table Guides


Table guides allow any roll (from the front top to the bottom rear) to feed out of the feeder at the same height and level.


Ten Roll Feeder with Table Guides


Four Roll Feeder with One Way Roller


Four Roll with One Way Roller and Integrated Cutter

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