Manual Roll Winder / Roll Rewinder


Maimin manufactures custom and semi-custom rewind and length counting machines. Available for any roll length up to 16 feet, the rewind system supports the roll on free spinning rollers and is manually cranked using rewind handles.  The top slot on the extrusion provides a straight and accurate cutting guide.  The rewinder is also available with a manual or automatic end cutter (not pictured).


  • Roll width from 12 inches to 16 feet.
  • 300 pound standard capacity.
  • Heavy duty version for heavier rolls.
  • Optional counter can be set for standard or metric
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Roll Support rollers (pictured left) for longer rolls.


Pricing depends on the size and weight of rolls and configured options.  Please call or use the form below for a customized quotation.

Features and Options



Collars on the bar are standard and ensure that side to side movement is limited.  This improves the finished roll quality.

Crank Handles


Heavy duty roll handles are standard on the manual roll winder / roll rewinder.

Optional Counter


A counter can be added to track length on the roll winder.  The counter can be supplied in standard or metric.

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