Maimin round knife cutting machines are 100% US made using today’s most advanced components and the latest manufacturing techniques.  The Maimin Strip-o-matic is our newly redesigned high power slitter.  It was designed to cut through the toughest of materials and can handle materials such ascured and uncured rubber, foam, urethane, neoprene, and gum rubber.  It is also being used for a variety of other functions such as cutting bamboo, cardboard, fiberglass, and many Space-Age polymers. 

The Strip-o-matic has been designed to be easily moved from table to table.  At only 25 lbs, it is the lightest machine available within this power range.  Not only does the light weight make it portable, but it helps reduced fatigue on the operator.The Strip-o-matic incorporates apowerful Baldor motor with a gear reduction box delivering  a very powerful  high torque blade with a slower blade speed.  By reducing the blade speed the machine reduces friction and heat build-up.

 The Strip-o-matic has been designed to incorporate an extra wide baseplate with a built-in adjustable gauge.  The gauge can be fabricated to any length to accommodate custom manufacturing needs.  The baseplate guage is easily removed allowing the operator to cut freehand.  Maimin will proudly customize the features and options to suit any manufacturing need.

Model 59 Strip-o-matic $4,799.00

Model 87 Strip-o-matic $4,999.00

Adjustable Guage


Custom width gauge is adjustable for any size cutting or slitting.  The guage features an additional handle to help with machine guidance.  Rollers strategically placed under handle helps with ease of movement.  Side guide is available in custom sizes and is adjustable to be positioned towards the front or back of thebaseplate.

Wide Baseplate


Allows for more stability and helps keep a lower center of gravity. The wide base plate makes the Strip-o-matic virtually impossible to tip over. Features six sets of sealed ball bearing rollers for a straighter cut and ease of glide. The six sets of rollers are positioned so the machine will perform perfectly even if partially hanging over the edge of the table. 

Small Guage


The small guage for narrow slitting or cutting.easily locks down in to position with a knurled knob.  Features a roller mounted at the end to easily move the material along (also available with an L bracket instead of the roller).  Can be custom manufactured made to any size for virtually any need.

Multiple Handes


The rear handle endures the majority of the work while the operator pushes and guides the machine.  The side handle allows for additional accuracy and guidance.  The handle on the long strip gauge provides additional support for greater accuracy on the wide cuts.  The finger handle mounted on the front of the motor makes it easy to transport from table to table.

Wiper / Lubricator


For when the toughest materials need help, the blade lubricator is mounted to the side of the machine.  Lubricates with oil, silicon, soap or water.

Slitter Support


Allows for ease of pass through the material.  The slitter standard is barely thicker than the blade.  Helps reduce friction after the material has passed through the blade.

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